About Us

The TelFair Artyfacts site is an informative site that tries to deal with two closely related subjects: nutrition and sport, and to provide information, as accurate as possible and based on scientific studies.

Please note that the information you find on this site cannot replace the advice and opinions of a doctor. If in doubt, consider consulting.

Who are the protagonists of the page?

Marsha, 28 years old, an avid sportsman and passionate about everything related to nutrition, health and new ways of eating. I spend several hours a week immersing myself in everything related to sports nutrition in order to perfect my knowledge, from the paleo diet to the chrono nutrition, etc.
I have played many sports since I was a child: English boxing, football, tennis, swimming, French boxing… Now I focus more on English boxing, running and weight training and I run various blogs related to sport and nutrition.

I also run the Marsha Sport & Alimentation Facebook page, which has more than 400,000 subscribers.

Marsha, 29 years old, sports coach, sheathing enthusiast, always looking for new exercises to work on different parts of the body. A healthy mind in a healthy body.
Passionate about modern dance, I worked as a sports coach for several years and I now do private coaching.


Since 1998, TelFair Artyfacts has been publishing professional, reliable, objective and independent information on the disease on the Internet, from prevention to treatment, for the general public. TelFair Artyfacts provides a complete answer to all the questions that Internet users concerned about their health may have, through information and solutions from conventional and non-conventional medicine.

This desire to provide the most complete answer is reflected in our logo. It represents a stethoscope going from blue to green, from conventional medicine to natural solutions, wrapped around a heart that embodies what we wish you all: good health.

This is why TelFair Artyfacts’s editorial policy is oriented towards topics that promote individual health decision-making based on Internet users’ research: we empower Internet users to be active in their own health.

Thus, we make it a point of honour to develop an increasingly extensive range of content and services on complementary and alternative solutions because we are convinced that there is not just one but several ways to treat or prevent the disease.

To provide professional, objective and independent health information on disease prevention and the acquisition of healthy lifestyles, TelFair Artyfacts collaborates on a daily basis with doctors, researchers, specialists and scientific journalists who rely on their expertise and reliable sources when writing their articles.

Since 2018, TelFair Artyfacts has been offering advice on the use of essential oils, vegetable oils and food supplements on the Comptoir Botanique website of which TelFair Artyfacts is a partner. For this online natural products store, we have a team of aromatherapists, pharmacists and naturopaths dedicated to writing professional content and validating products.

IMPORTANT: the site is originally from California. Medical and pharmaceutical legislation may vary from one jurisdiction to another, so some information may only be valid in Canada. This is the case in particular for certain drugs (names, active substances, deliverability), nutritional recommendations, complementary approaches, etc… But we make sure to specify it.