Best ways to lose weight fast

Wondering what to do when you are overweight? It’s simple. All you need to do is balance the simple equation involving the amounts of calories you take in on one side, and the amounts you burn down on the other. It’s wiser to take the long-term approach to lose weight slowly and steadily, but at times, situations may force you to act faster. In such a situation, there are better and faster ways to do it. All you need is, commitment to the indefinite alterations in your diet and to develop daily exercise habits. To balance the equation, here is a list:

1. Drink green tea.

Unlike placebo, green tea burns up to 70 extra calories within 24 hours according to recent studies. In simple math, 70 calories a day adds up to 7.3 pounds of fat per year. Believe it, it’s science and not magic. The difference is due to catechins (metabolic-enhancing antioxidants) that are found in abundant in green tea.

2. Avoid calories in a glass.

Scientists have revealed that the way the body registers liquid calories is not the same as it does to solid calories. You are more likely to take a second glass of wine for example than taking a second plate of rice, even though wine has more calories than rice. This is because wine will not make you feel satiated as rice would. You need to carefully monitor your juice, coffee, soda and wine intakes among other drinks because, if you consume a glass of each of the drinks in a way, you will have taken in at least 800 additional calories by the time you retire to bed yet you will still feel hungry.

3. Buy a set of five-pound weights.

It may sound useless, but it’s a onetime time investment you will ever rejoice having. Use your free time to do triceps pulls and simple biceps curls in your office or home three or four times in a week and burn more calories daily.

4. Lose the salt.

Sodium aids in water retention, which in turn may make you look or feel bloated. To avoid overconsumption of salt, ensure you take not more than 2,400 mg of sodium a day. Avoid too much of salty foods like snacks and other prepackaged foods.

5. Spice it up.

Pepper consumption is essential in boosting a person’s basal metabolism or the total calories burnt by the body at rest. Pepper contains capsaicin, a compound that can increase the body’s secretion of stress hormone like adrenaline, which in turn will speed your body’s metabolism thereby helping to burn calories. Important to note also is that eating hot pepper is likely to reduce your appetite, which curbs your cravings.

6. Get some sleep

It may sound funny, but less sleep time means lower metabolism and more calories accumulation. Try skimping your zzz’s and you will win an extra calories loss.

7. Go for an evening walk or add 20 minutes of exercise per day

Known almost to everyone is the importance of exercise, especially jogging. However, an evening one is more beneficial because metabolism in most people slows down as the day ends. So, a few minutes, may be 40 of an evening walk will raise your metabolism for three or more hours. This means the calories from the dinner you take won’t stay in your body for long.

It’s also important to note that 20 minutes of exercise a day will help your body to burn up to 700 calories.

8. Eat every meal.

Don’t skip meals. It won’t help you to lose weight as faster as you may want because, by thinking that there is food shortage, your body will reduce metabolism so as to conserve energy. With time, the body adapts and will not increase metabolism even after you have eaten the same amount of food as you always did in the past. This will lead to accumulation of more fats in your body than before.

9. Water, water, water…. Drink plenty of water.

This is not new to you. The more water you drink, the speedier your body will lose weight. Water is the most important component for fat breakdown by the body and its absence in the body means little or no metabolism and more accumulation of fats. So, drink a lot of it….. 8 glasses a day as you have always heard.

In conclusion, here is a free advice; Save your time, money and more importantly, save yourself from the emotional pain you are likely to experience in a weight-loss’ hype. They rarely work if any.