Privacy Policy

Our website provides protection of any information that you are willing to share on the internet. For information to be accessed by you alone, this policy allows you to enter into your account and find your information stored in accordance with the privacy statement.

This website’s confidentiality is fine and holds a firm grip on the security of information from internet users. This means that personal information is not shared with the public especially with unaffiliated third parties. This information once more is accessed by the owner of the account by their consent can the information be shared. This follows strict specific applicable laws in the policy statement. Therefore, important information is handled carefully without losing any single data into the public internet domain. The website also has the right to change the policy through review at any time.

Privacy for use of information

This website limits the collection and the use of any personal data and minimizes its utilization to deliver clean service to you. Third party websites are not given access to your personal information through adherence to the code of the privacy policy.

Obtaining information

Non-public personal information directly from our website users is obtained in different forms;-

1. Through first name and last name specifications in account signing in.
2. Contact information through email, home address, business address, telephone numbers plus business telephone numbers.
3. Employment infilling details for application
4. Banking information details
5. Surveys infilling details of personal information


There is no personal information that is disclosed to any websites except through the law for public information. The law has to stipulate the necessary information that has only to be shared to specific affiliated business partners and this should not infringe on personal information. There is no personal information that is shared with other companies on the basis of wanting to sell their products and services to you. This can be carried out through your consent only to allow the sharing of your personal data.

The intent of Gathering Information

This information we gather is useful for providing superior services in the respect of;-

1. For internet record keeping purposes. This stores and retains your information in protected databases.
2. You receive reviews of the privacy policy when changes take place.
3. The information is important in customizing our website to provide unique services.
4. It is lawful to provide to the Internal Revenue Service, local taxing authorities certain information such as social security number and addresses
5. Services such as general account information need to be updated for you, therefore contacting you through your email, phone or fax is required.
6. Promotional information valuable to your interest may also be sent to your email, this includes investment properties, investor statements, and valuation statement.


Our website is fully committed to securing your information. Safeguards both electronic and physical are to prevent unauthorized access into your information and public information too. To control your personal information, our website will not share, sell, distribute and lease any of this information to third party websites unless a sure permission is given by the law to do so.